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On October 26, 2008 our daughter Meghann Marie Smith was killed by a drunk driver.  The person that killed her, Catherine Lynn Roberts, was convicted of Intoxicated Manslaughter and Failure to Stop and Render Aid.  

According to the facts that came out at her trial in August, 2009 in Montgomery County, Texas, she began her drinking binge early that morning which put her alcohol content at three times the legal limit at the time of the accident, more than twelve hours later.  She was convicted and sentenced to ten years in the Texas Prison System on August 29, 2009.

At the end of her first year of incarceration, she became eligible for parole, a fact that has enraged many people we have spoken with and shocked many victims groups before whom we have spoken.  In plain English, they can’t believe it.  A slap on the wrist for what amounts to cold blooded thoughtless murder.  To this day she has yet to show one ounce of remorse for what she has done.

As far as we are concerned, Catherine may get out of prison on the day Meghann walks through our front door and not one second sooner.  This is not retribution or vengeance speaking.  We know full well that  vengeance belongs to the Lord, and we are content to leave it with Him.  But this woman has yet to show one ounce of remorse and she took a human life.  By that standard, life becomes cheap. As a society, we should not tolerate this madness.

If you agree, you can help. If you don’t agree, you can still help.  First, you can pray that the Lord will move the hearts of those who make these parole decisions to do the right thing and leave Catherine Lynn Roberts right where she is.  

There is no real justice for the victims and their families and too many repeaters are on the roads.  The legal system is not working to stop DWI or DUI and we don’t really see things changing.   If  you or your family have suffered at the hands of an impaired driver I ask that you join with us to stop the drivers under the influence before they take another life.  We operate by the gifts and donations of the public. We receive no government funding.

DWI Tracker is pro-active, working with law-enforcement to stop impaired drivers before they hurt or injure others–or worse.  All DWI Tracker drivers receive specialized training in spotting impaired drivers on the highway.  They then notify law enforcement who makes the actual stop.. We work as a deterrent by driving on public streets and highways in the DWI Tracker specially marked vehicle, by bringing a visual awareness to the public and letting them know the “eyes of Texas are upon you!”