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Impaired Driving is a Choice and Deaths caused by this Bad Choice are 100% Preventable. We Bring Awareness and Educating through many programs.  Donations go 100% toward Saving Lives.

October 26, 2008 is the darkest day in the life of  the Smith family.  On that day, their youngest daughter, Meghann Marie, was killed by a drunk driver, Catherine Roberts.  Roberts  was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to two ten-year terms on charges of Intoxication Manslaughter, and for Failure to Stop and Render Aid.  These terms are to run concurrently.

Doug and Margaret Smith had lost their eighteen-year-old daughter at the time her life was just beginning. Her preparation for adulthood was supposed to bear fruit in the coming years. But now Meghann was dead, the victim of a drunk driver. Yes, the perpetrator was caught and punished, but after her prison sentence is over, she could go on. However, the Smiths received a Life Sentence.

But the Smiths didn’t spend their time feeling sorry for themselves.  They wanted to give something to the community. something that would stop the wasteful carnage of people of all ages from being the drunk driver’s next victim.

This new year will also mark the end of Catherine Roberts’ sentence, imposed by the court at her trial in 2008.  We hope that she has learned a valuable lesson about the cost of drunk driving and those who bear the total cost of  another’s careless behavior. And we hope she will be one less driver who will drive drunk on the highways that are there for all of us.  We wish her well.

Catherine Roberts didn’t plan to start her drinking binge at nine in the morning and take a young woman’s life before midnight. That happened because her careless behavior triggered the consequences that were ready and waiting.  

When she is ultimately released at the conclusion of her sentence, she will carry a souvenir of that fateful night in October 2008.  She will be marked with a criminal record which will shadow her for the rest of her life.  But it didn’t have to be that way.  Had she behaved responsibly and called a cab or a friend,  Catherine Roberts would not have spent the last ten years of her life in prison courtesy of the taxpayers of Texas. And Meghann Marie Smith might just be planning her wedding.

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The Cost of Drunk Driving:

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You never know what life throws at you these days.

Doug and Margaret Smith were getting ready to celebrate their daughter, Margaret Marie’s graduation from high school as part of the Class of 2009.

She never made it.

A drunk driver stood between Meghann’s walk across the stage to receive her high school diploma and the rest of her life. The drunk driver was arrested and stood trial for her crimes: Intoxication Manslaughter and Failure to Stop and Render Aid.

The perpetrator, Catherine Roberts, received a ten-year sentence on each charge, both to run concurrently. The Smiths also received their sentence-Life. There would never be the pitty patter of little feet of Meghann's future children.  Meghann's babies would never sit on Paw Paw's lap as he called a ham radio buddy in Rio.

Doug and Margaret Smith didn’t plan to be one of those parents who gets that visit from the authorities at four in the morning. They still remember that day as though it were yesterday. Instead of a wedding in their daughter’s future, they found themselves planning a funeral.

To this day, a cross marks the site of the accident which claimed their daughter’s life . They released balloons there on what would have been her 20th birthday. But they needed no such reminder. There was the empty chair at the dinner table. The laugh they would never hear again, and the excitement when Meghann came home with a young man and announced, “This is the one.” And, of course, the excitement of the birth of their first grandchild from Meghann.  That branch of the Smith family tree would be forever bare.  Any contributions made by Meghann's future children to society at large would never come to fruition.

Faced with this life sentence, Doug and Margaret decided to do something about it in their daughter’s memory. What they did spelled hope for other families by trying to prevent history repeating itself in the families of others. The effort soon took on a new urgency. This was to be Meghann's legacy. This was a labor of love.  After months of research and attending training classes taught by police, Doug and Margaret were finally ready to move into the front lines of a battle which became theirs: To catch the drunk drivers before they can snuff out your loved one or themselves..

The project was Christened, “DWI Tracker.”

The Smiths also made personal appearances in high schools throughout the area, focusing on the problem of drunk drivers and the lives they snuff out. These kids who attend these seminars hear the 911 call that bring police to the scene of Meghann’s last ride. Mother Margaret still has to leave the room when that tape is played.  It brings up such horrible memories.  And it registers with the youngsters. This is harsh reality and it is 100% preventable.

To carry on this legacy, the Smiths need your help. To make sure that your loved one isn’t the next victim of the drunk driver, they invested in specially marked vehicles to follow the drunk driver on the public highways DWI Tracker drivers are specially trained to recognize tell tale signs that a person is under the influence, The suspect is videotaped but the actual apprehension and arrest are turned over to law enforcement,  And the conviction rate is astounding.  We just need more of it.

On this page is a “Donate” button which works through PayPal. Your financial information is secured and totally handled by PayPal servers to keep your financial records totally secure. Just click on the “Donate” button. And you can unite with the Smiths in helping to keep the drunk driver off the road–and the highways which belong to all of us safe and more secure.

Thank you.

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Ten Years of Memories

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