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If you don’t think it can happen to you, here’s a true story of a family who got a triple-whammy from impaired drivers and what they did about it.

In 1992, the father of this family was hit and injured by an impaired driver.  He is still dealing with those injuries to this day.  Ironically, his young daughter, Meghann, decided then and there that she wanted to be a DPS trooper and help get the drunks off the road.  However, in 2008, Meghann, now a young woman of eighteen, was herself struck and killed by an impaired driver, Catherine Roberts, whose drinking binge started more than twelve hours earlier. Meghann’s killer was arrested and convicted of intoxication manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid.  She was sentenced to ten years in prison for each offense, to be served concurrently, which means the maximum time Roberts would serve would be ten years,

However, Roberts became eligible for parole almost as soon as the prison door clanged shut, a fact that sent shock waves through this family and all who knew them.

Then, in 2013, the 25-year-old daughter of this man was also struck and injured by an impaired driver.  Like her father, she continues to deal with her injuries to this day.

Fortunately, this was a family who did not feel sorry for themselves, though no one would blame them if they did.  They envisioned an organization that spotted impaired drivers and worked tirelessly with law enforcement to make it happen.  A training program was initiated, conducted by law enforcement personnel.  In addition, special markings for their DWI Tracker vehicles was approved, drivers were brought on board and the campaign began.  

Equipped with special communications devices, the “DWI Trackers” could contact law enforcement and pinpoint where the impaired drivers were.  Impaired drivers caught by this combination of citizen-police teamwork found the video evidence collected by the Tracker overwhelming and many copped a plea in court.

DWI Tracker is Meghann Marie Smith’s legacy.  What’s more, her dream of becoming a DPS Trooper came true posthumously at a 2010 fundraiser.

Today, the family continues to build their daughter’s legacy, and to that end, along with operating the DWI Tracker vehicles, they also address community groups and service organizations to bring awareness to this growing problem of impaired driving.