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Meghann’s 20th Birthday

A Celebration of Life!

It’s just an ordinary spot on Highway 105 just west of Conroe.  The traffic whizzes by as though heading for an important appointment of one kind or another.  Some scarcely  notice the small white cross planted there, marking the spot where time and eternity met for Meghann Marie Smith, a young woman of 18, whose life ended at the hands of a drunk driver a mere two years earlier.

And thus it was fitting that those who knew and loved her would be drawn to this spot to gather on what would have been Meghann’s 20th birthday, a time of coming of age that was never allowed to happen.

This spot stands on the edge of forever for Meghann Marie Smith, the spot on which she drew her last breath and crossed the divide between time and eternity, a journey we shall all make some day.  And with the right Guide, in fact, the only Guide, Jesus Christ, we shall also successfully make that crossing.

They came from all walks of life.  Ordinary people in an extraordinary place because  of what that place meant to the one they loved.  Lacey, the neice Meghann didn’t live to see, but who talks to Meghann’s picture constantly, stopped to gaze at Meghann’s picture on the cross and perhaps wondered how someone so young, so beautiful, so full of life could be struck down so tragically.

It is, perhaps, a message that Lacey received and will embrace well into her adult life.  But what about the rest of her generation?  It is for these that DWI Tracker exists, to bring that message that drinking and driving don’t mix, a message at the heart of Meghann’s legacy. It is a legacy they have come to honor, a legacy of others before self, a legacy of saving lives.

Then, before they knew it, the time came to release the balloons, each with a message inside that would complete the journey from time to forever, rising towards heaven, where the one they came to honor walked with Jesus, because she had celebrated a birthday in addition to this one, when she was born again into His family, a family that knows no hurt, tragedy, or loss.

Could it be that as she gazes at Meghann’s picture on that cross, she hears Meghann imploring her, “When you are old enough, please don’t drink and drive”.

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