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Angels Among us…no more

She stands in the courthouse square this Christmas season, a silent testimony reminding those passers by of the empty chairs at many family gatherings this Christmas Day.  For these chairs, once knowing the joy of Christmas past, will never be filled again.

She is the Tree of Angels, and she stands in the Montgomery County Courthouse in Conroe, Texas.  Yes, all of her ornaments are Angels, each representative of one who will no longer gather around the Christmas tree this year or any other year, for the person represented by the Angel ornament is a victim of a violent crime who was taken from us all too soon.

They come in all sizes, most of them young.  Thus we are not only robbed of these youngsters but also of any future children they might bring into the world, children who might have grown to maturity and discovered cures for our illnesses, or perhaps the long sought answer to that question posed so long ago by that Elvis song, Oh why can’t every day be like Christmas.

Some stores want to ban the word Christmas these days, perhaps to make it more secular than holy.  But if we would but swallow some pride and listen with spiritual ears, we might learn the secret of this Tree of Angels that He Who came to bring peace is Himself the secret of everlasting love.

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